28 February 2013

Wishful Thinking

So… I found this poem I wrote for someone about two years ago. And I’m shocked that I still don’t have a title for this so I thought of something temporary. Don’t worry though, I promise to think of something soon. Very soon. So yeah. Here it goes:
Constantly thinking,
always wandering…
Never gets tired,
never grows old.
It’s the same old picture,
the same old story…
That wasn’t seen, wasn’t told.
It’s always been there,
in the corner lying low,
waiting to be picked, to be chosen, to be loved.
It’s the same old story,
of a girl’s wishful thinking…
Always in the heart, never leaves the soul.
It patiently waits,
just sits and stares…
It may take forever,
but she just doesn’t care.
Constantly thinking,
of a wonderful ending…
To a story so wonderfully written,
in the heart of a lovely maiden.
M x

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