20 April 2013

33. This is What Happy Looks Like

If you want to take a day off from the very cruel summer heat, go to the nearest bookstore and grab this book!!! 

I loved The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and since this is another Jennifer E. Smith novel, I just had that sudden impulse to find a copy, sit in a corner and just read. 

This is What Happy Looks Like is every teenage girl's dream...
a very popular young actor falls in love with a small town pretty girl (with a twist) + random things = love story. 
It all started when G accidentally sent an email to the wrong address. Apparently, the owner of that address was online so they exchanged emails for a bit. Then the next day, then the next day, then the next... Thing is, E didn't know it was G all along. She doesn't know what his name is, he doesn't know what her name is. 

This book also is like a ticket to a red carpet premiere into the lives of famous movie stars. We have this illusion that being a celebrity is the happiest thing in the world but reading from G's POV proves that there's so many disadvantages as to being the center of the public's eye -- and one is, the word privacy doesn't seem to exist anymore. G, being the most famous movie star, feels like nobody knows the real him except E and that even to his own family, he feels like a stranger.
Apparently, E isn't the typical teenage girl. She knows what her priorities are. She was basically unperturbed by stars in her town until she finds out who exactly her email buddy is. But the fact that she isn't a fan of his made her actions understandable and her character very likable. 

Nothing really serious happened in the whole story. It's just a very cute and sweet love story about two teenagers who, although they live in both ends of the world, found their way towards each other -- all because of an honest mistake. It's very realistic and I bet somewhere out there, this is actually happening. 

"She was thinking of those words they’d sent sailing across the country, each e-mail a kind of poem containing the very best versions of themselves. Maybe seeing him here was nothing more than a simple addendum to a conversation that had been going on for months now. If the time before she’d known him had been a kind of prelude, then maybe this was all just the postscript."

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