02 April 2013

I am getting married. Not.

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It's a known fact that I stay up too late, 5 am... 6 am.......  7 am.... it depends. I never sleep before 4 am. I don't know why and I don't know how I can possibly change my troubled body clock. Huhuhu. 

Well anyways, because of this and because of the occasion (yesterday, April 1) a thought crossed my mind... so I grabbed my phone and typed a short text message, sent it to some of my friends and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later... (because Zoe was scheduled for a check-up at 10 am and that's another story haha) Going back, I had a number of unread messages waiting for me when I went home from the clinic. Some were happy and congratulated me, some couldn't believe it, some were curious. 

WHY??? Because what my message was...
" I am very much in love and... I am getting married!!! Details soon. <3"
Hahahahahaha. =)) But you see guys, yesterday was the 1st of April and that means........... APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! Haha. Yeah. As much as I want to be so in love and engaged, I am not. I am so not. And even if I am, there's no way I'm getting married so soon. I believe I'm still too young for that crap, I still have so many things in mind. I still want to be a travel blogger and a food blogger, all at once. Hahahaha.

Again, I am not engaged to be married. Not soon, not in the next 5 years. I am single, not in a relationship. PLUS I have yet to find my way back into love. Again.

To the ones I got fooled, thank you. I wasn't sure it's gonna be believable but you've proven me otherwise. Haha. And I'm sorry, for getting your hopes high. I know you just want me to find someone I'll share forever with and to not be bitter about everything love-related but the thing is, I'm just not ready yet and of course, no matter how mainstream this is, I just haven't found my prince yet. Choz.

I had a good April Fools (minus the very stressful morning) :> How was yours? I hope you had fun fooling around. Til next year!!! 

M x

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