26 April 2013

35. Attachments

Whether we admit it or not, it’s obvious that we often judge a book by its cover and that’s exactly what led me to reading another Rainbow Rowell novel. Attachments isn’t like Eleanor and Park. This is a more mature view on love, marriage, family, friendship, and fidelity rolled into one humorous, irresistible piece of literature.

Lincoln is your dreamy kind of guy, tall, broad and handsome. Very masculine. He’s strong-looking. Like the kind of guy you feel standing next to you before you actually see him, because he’s blocking so much ambient light. He’s 28 and very much available. He works for The Courier, IT Department. His job is to read flagged emails. Woah. ALTHOUGH HE DIDN'T LIKE THE IDEA - he feels like he’s invading their privacy - the company’s paying him a lot. LIKE A LOT. And that’s enough for him, until one night, he opens a flagged email from Jennifer to Beth. He didn't send them a warning, he was supposed to, somehow he finds them alluring and he just can’t stop... there’s something about Beth.

Beth is a movie critic. She has broad shoulders, and a high heavy chest. Smallish waist. Widish hips. A soft curve at the small of her back. So pretty. So more than pretty.
It was Beth who saw him first; she was attracted to him physically, so much that she even followed him home once. Hahahaha. WHAT INFATUATION CAN DO. She’s like the normal girl/lady/woman who will do everything just to have a glimpse of her crush, whose day won’t be complete without seeing her crush even just for a single second. I should know, I’ve done that for so many times and I’m pretty sure I’m going to do those crazy stuffs again. Yes to memories!!! Yay!!!

PS: when they first met, she thinks she saw fireworks... and roman candles. OMG FTW OH AND BTW she really isn’t available, she’s living in with a lead guitarist for years now but she just can’t give him (Lincoln) up. She can’t not have some(one)thing to look forward to.
Lincoln, he fell for Beth’s soul. Every time he reads her emails to her co-workers, he feels like he’s getting a sneak peek into who she really is... it’s like buying a ticket to a train, a free passes to the windows of her soul, the doors to her very core.

Attachments is also a light read, one thing I like about Rainbow Rowell actually, you can finish her novels in one seating and you can’t even dare to put it down even for a single minute because that would mean kind of missing a very single part of Lincoln and Beth’s love story. Theirs is a story you wouldn't think will ever get a chance. But love and fate really has their own way of sending two people to a place where they’ll usually reign no matter what. And that’s what happened to them, after everything they've been through, they somehow found their ways back to The Courier where it all started as just a mere twist of luck. 

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