01 March 2013

12. All Loves Excelling

***”Don’t let us down.” With these words, Amanda’s mother leaves her only child at a dauntingly prestigious boarding school. At her mother’s insistence, Amanda has come here solely to gain the credentials she needs to get into an Ivy League college. And she will do it-or die trying.***

Ahhhhhhh. Such a painful book. Very painful.
If there’s one person I hate so much in this book, that would be Amanda’s mother. She’s too controlling. My  gosh. She’s too much. TOO MUCH. I think I would’ve done the same thing if my mum happened to be someone like Amanda’s mother.
Amanda is a very  sweet girl. She can play  the piano. She can understand the deepest thoughts of a poet like Hopkins.  Her teachers love her, especially their headmaster. She’s very dedicated, driven and she strives to do the bestest of the best just so she can please her parents (her mother). Her father isn't as strict as her mother. He loves Amanda and is okay with her not getting into Dartmouth. He and Amanda were quite close.
My  heart broke four times while reading this book…
  • when Amanda received that email from her mother
  • when his dad didn’t want Amanda to see him cry
  • the news
  • the headmaster’s message (towards Amanda's parents)

I know it was a bit boring at first but trust me, the ending made me cry a river.
M x

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