01 March 2013

14. A Certain Smile

***Bestselling author Judith Michael brings together the magic of East and West in a tale of heart-wrenching love as vivid and breathless as the pounding energy of exotic Beijing. In a story replete with passion and enduring desire, A CERTAIN SMILE affirms that love has no borders. . . .

An American clothing designer and widowed mother of two teenagers, Miranda Graham arrives in China and is immediately overwhelmed by life in this faraway place. Then she meets Yuan Li, son of an American soldier and Chinese mother--and suddenly two worlds, two cultures, and two hearts collide. As Miranda bravely explores vistas beyond the safe, ordered limits of her own life, she is inexorably drawn to Yuan, a man who embodies all the hardship, dignity, and mystery of China. Their love is an unexpected awakening of body, mind, and spirit--even as the intrusive government and Yuan's ambitious son threaten their new-found joy, propelling them toward the most shattering choice two lovers can make.***

This is yet again another BookSale treasure, my favorite store in the whole of the Queen City of the South. I bought this after the Sinulog 2013 fireworks display at SM.

This is a story about finding love in the most unexpected time and place. Miranda was sent to China for business. As soon as she set foot to mainland China, she was awed by the Chinese crowd swimming their way in and out of the airport. That's when the very enigmatic businessman, Yuan, saw her and saved her from almost falling. Since then he'd been her tour guide / translator / instant friend. 

Then comes the chaotic side of China... the controlling government AND the black sheep son and his friends.

I hope they found their way back to each other. What they found their's true love and I don't want it gone to waste. 

M x

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