10 March 2013

27. The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Every one has his own idea of heaven and this is Eddie's heaven, not an idea, not a destination but an answer. Eddie is an 83-year-old man. He fought for his country some time ago and got wounded. Since then, he's been different... All his life, all he's wanted is to go out of Ruby Pier (where he's working). Thus, he's always thought he's living a worthless, meaningless life. And that's what the five people for, to give light to the dark, to give answers to the unspoken questions. 

Eddie's five people:
  • The Blue Man
  • The Captain (soldier)
  • Ruby (where the amusement park got its name)
  • His wife... the one and only woman of his life. (Aside from his mother, of course. Haha.)
  • Tala, a Filipino girl

Oh yes. I love this book!!! I love it simply because it features the Philippines, well kind of, but still. 

PS: When Eddie enlisted, he was sent to the Philippines. 

A conversation with the captain: Eddie's second person

Ahhhhh yes!!! Only in the Philippines!!! :D

I am a happy Pinay nerd but I'm the happiest whenever I read some things about the Philippines in a best-selling novel or like if I hear a best-selling author talk about the Philippines. That's good publicity. =)

I hope one day, authors would include the Philippines more often. 

Mitch Albom, thank you. If you or haven't been to the Philippines, visit again and we'll welcome you with big open arms. xoxo

Read this book. I know at the end, you'd think who you'll meet in the afterlife. I know because I did too. Hehehe. Will I be in your list? Or will you be in mine?

PPS: I love the ending. Must-read. 

M x

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