16 March 2013

PHOTO DUMP: Before & After"Shock"

Thessa - Nessa - Richelle -Megan
Tita Lynna Birthday Party (5 years ago?)
Change outfit for Thessa's 16th birthday party!!! :)

With Ate Jade :)

At Lolo Boi's Wake
Lola Betty's Birthday (2010)
Mi familia!!! (Aug 2010)
Tres Marias :)
Wynluv's Wedding. 2011.
March 24, 2012
05.26.2012 (Ring a bell, Teng???) HAHAHAHA. =))

Siblings by blood, from another set of parents. 
J-nissi's 16th!!! October 2012
Feb 2013
家族. Family. Familia. Famille. Familje. Familie. Perekond. Perhe. Fanmi. Aile. Keluarga.
Teaghlaigh. Famiglia. Rodzina. Familj. Teulu. Pamilya.

Through thick and thinliterally and figuratively.
I can't wait for the next BIG REUNION. 

M x

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