05 March 2013

25. Love is the Higher Law

Love is the Higher Law is a very profound book with reference to the reactions of three New York teens towards the 9/11 attacks.
Claire, the senior high school student, and the most pro-humanity of the three teens, was in her school that time. She saw the thick smoke caused by the fires from both of the towers and managed to not look back while they were in the streets, on their way to evacuate to another school. For me, it’s her whose life really changed after the 9/11 bombing. She and her family (mother and brother) had to wait for a few days before they were permitted to go back to their apartment which was a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. It was just too smoke-y, with so much dust everywhere. It was such a verification of what has happened on the 11th day of September in New York.
Peter, on the other hand, was in some record bar when the most inspiring day happened. He is Claire’s schoolmate. When he woke up that morning, very excited for his date that night and was disappointed that they had to reschedule.
Jasper, Peter’s should-be-date on the night of 9/11 missed the whole thing. He was dozing while the twin towers of WTC were fighting for their lives. It felt totally surreal to him that he’d slept through it all. He’s Asian, Korean actually, and his parents were in Korea, attending to his sick grandmother. He’s mother called him and woke him up with the news that the towers are now gone. Forever. He was quite shocked when his email were full of concerned classmates and friends, asking if he’s okay, when in fact, he’s just far from the WTC. Since he felt like he had to do something that day, he went to donate blood with Amanda. Apparently, he wasn’t able to since he’s had homosexual intercourse (although it was clearly safe).
Oh and one more thing about Jasper. . .
He drinks to match his sadness, not to have fun, not to be happy.

PS: Claire was a miracle to Jasper. She approached him one night while she was re-lighting candles at the Square. She asked him if he wants to walk and talk. And that’s how they started as friends... “words to find words. Words searching for words.”

PPS: Peter and Jasper (after their horrible first date) saw each other again at Claire’s 18th birthday party. Claire and Jasper kept in touch while Jasper was away (school). Jasper still has something for Peter but Peter was already in a relationship. J only stayed for a couple of hours. He was leaving for Korea in the morning for his 9-month-vacation slash internship. His grandmother is very pleased.

Don’t worry you guys!!! Email was already a hit that time so they were all exchanging emails, every single day. And okay fine, Peter’s boyfriend broke up with him when Peter and Claire returned from their Arkansas trip a week before College.

If there’s one book I’d recommend everyone should read, I think this book is a good candidate. I love Claire’s positivity. I love that she doesn’t have room for paralyzing fear. I love that she thinks strangers are neighbours. I love how open-minded she is, she doesn’t want to give in to what’s dark. She always sees the good side of every possible thing. She can affect significant change, not just to the lives of Peter and Jasper, but worldwide. I think we need many many Claire’s in this very poor (figuratively) world we’re in now. The world needs lots of people, who openly believe that love is indeed the higher law, to look deep within ourselves and find that sparkling light of goodness. It’s time for good change.

M x

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