01 March 2013

Break My Style by Laureen Uy

I think it’s been a year or two since Laureen Uy was launched in a Kapamilya teleserye entitled My Binondo Girl. She played as Amethyst, the daughter of a multimillionaire Chinese businessman, who loves fashion and the like. That’s when I got a glimpse of her fashion sense and felt like I just had to know more about this new girl… And so, I googled her and bumped into her own blog, break my style. It’s just so apt since I know nobody can ever break her style, it’s so cool, edgy yet super elegant still with those big chunks of bracelets and a couple of rings per hand. She’s just so cool!!!!!! I like how she dresses, I like her shoesies and of course, her accessories! I love how I love how she makes use of everything!!!!!
In her blog, she doesn’t just post what she wears but also, who she’s wearing!!! She tags her sponsors so that her fans can buy one too. Ain’t that cool??? BUT NOT JUST THAT - she has contests too. She gives away dresses, shoes, accessories and gadgets even. (thanks to her sponsors, of course) Woohoo. Oh and since she’s an actress and a famous blogger, she gets to travel especially when there are conventions or seminars and whatsoevers for "famous" bloggers like her. She often gets invitations and nominations for blogging about fashion too, by the way.
I know her fashion’s the first on the list but her travel diary is a must-check, as well.
Check  http://www.breakmystyle.com/ to know more about Laureen Uy and her style!!! :D

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