02 March 2013

19. Unexpected Love

***After loosing her parents at a young age, Annie Masters grows up working in a zoo where she has an uncanny ability to communicate with the animals. Only the calls from a stalker threatens the lives of everyone she loves, including her precious animals. She wants to protect her loved ones, and would do anything to keep them all safe, include risk her life. The stalker could be anyone. Who can she truly trust besides her animals?

Her godparents call in the help of their private investigator nephew, Mack Anderson. Knowing how Annie feels for cops, his occupation is kept secret. Will he be able to figure out who the stalker is without risking Annie's life and giving himself away?***

Oh I love Annie's story. One of my favorites.
This is a free copy I got from smashwords.com, thank you Tracy!!! :) 

This is a story about a girl, Annie, whose mother died a year after her father died because she was too devastated by his husband's sudden death. Annie was still so young back then that she had to live with her parents' close friends who owns a zoo. Thing is, Annie has this special powers. She can talk to the beasts, tigers, lions, wolves. Name it and she'll work her magic. She is awesome. I envy her so much. I've always loved tigers. I want one in my house. :)
But... a few years after her parents' death, Annie started to receive phone calls from a stalker threatening her, the lives of her loved ones and of course, her precious pets (zoo animals). 
That's how he met Mack. He's the nephew of the zoo owners who happens to be a very good investigator. AND THEN I'M NOT GONNA say anything else. . . 

This is really a very good read. I know it needs polishing and editing but, I pretty much believe in what she's written.  I hope I'd get to read the edited version of this.

PS: I don't know why she chose that to be the cover of her book. It's kinda inappropriate. I hope Tracy finds something that suits the story more.

M x

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